Ron Alpert
AR/VR Development & Design

Hollywood, CA



C# development (Unity), AR/VR Experience authoring & implementation

Texture painting for Film, Broadcast
Level artist for Game development - Modeling, UVW unwrapping and texture painting, lighting, level design, UI design, Augmented Reality Experience design

Maya, 3DS Max, UnrealEd 3, Unity, Softimage XSI, Deep Paint 3D, Gimp Movie Paint, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, ZBrush, Mental Ray, Vray, MARI, Vuforia, Monodevelop


MPC, Los Angeles, CA 2018
Unity developer for Magic Leap projects

-details: We worked on a launch application for the Magic Leap AR headset, I was the steward of the Unity scene; keep it compatible between all PC/AR/VR versions, clean up and maintain code efficiencies between various other coders, built several features and tools myself. Interface, controller, optimizations, prototyping, etc.

MethodEXP/Deluxe, Los Angeles, CA 2017
Unity developer "Justice League VR"

--details: R&D control and scoring elements for Batman driving level, gameplay/enemy behavior/design and implementation for Cyborg wave shooter.

DAQRI, Los Angeles, CA 2013-present
Design, code, build, and publish augmented reality experiences

--detail: building and maintaining/enhancing assets and designing & iterating experiences for multiple augmented reality projects, working with proprietary software and pipeline for various exhibits, trade shows, and client and in-house projects. Other duties include writing comprehensive design & tools documentation, troubleshooting software, building & testing production pipeline. Toolset R&D, I built/scripted a complete suite of Unity tools from scratch with which to build experiences.

Hydrogen Whiskey, Santa Monica, CA 2012-2013
Model/texture/lighting artist for various projects "Our Path" mobile app, "Fast & The Furious: Showdown" console title, other projects

--detail: lead level artist for hirez game cinematics and promotional pieces, also lead level artist on app development.

UpUpStart, Los Angeles, CA 2012
Level artist for mobile app development "Epic Skater"

--detail: model, texture, lighting, and Unity3D implementation for level elements, R&D.

Fuse FX, Los Angeles, CA 2012
Model/texture artist for "American Horror Story: Asylum" and "The New Normal"

--detail: "American Horror Story: Asylum" FX Network series, Fuse FX, Summer 2012 - Modeling/texturing for "Briarcliff Manor" CG set extension. 1st story was filmed and CG from 2nd floor up. I also created elements for interior "staircase scene", top 2 flights (modeling and textures for stairs, banisters, support beams, skylight) which were layed under the green screen foreground plate. "The New Normal" built CG elements for ID sequence.

9K9, Los Angeles, CA 2011-2012
Environment artist for ABM and Barnyard projects

--detail: ABM: modeling, texturing, UV mapping and lighting for various environments and scenes. Airport, military installation, government building, banking structure, parking structure, suburban area, long shots of Downtown LA highrise structures.
Barnyard: Responsible for picking though multiple pre-existing props and creating various Level of Detail versions for distant shots.

House of Moves, Los Angeles, CA 2010-2011
Environment artist for "Stan Lee NHL Guardians" TV spots.

--detail: modeling, texturing, UV mapping, complex material development, lighting and overall scene construction and layout in Unreal for Edmonton and Montreal sets. Designed and fully implemented multiple Hero buildings and distant periphery.

Killspace Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA 2009-2010
Production artist for pitch development

--detail: participation in several meetings to discuss potential project pitches, fleshing out ideas for various gameplay scenarios and elements. Wrote top-down pitches for several game proposals targeting Atari and THQ properties, among others, featuring Emergent Lightspeed engine tech. Built, textured, and UV mapped several props and elements for these various pitch packages.

Obsidian Entertainment/Sega, Irvine, CA 2007-2009
Level artist for "Alpha Protocol" (2010) and "Aliens RPG" (cancelled)

--detail: Alpha Protocol: concepting, modeling, texturing, UV mapping, complex material design and scene lighting, unreal scene setups, and design support for various levels in the game. Primary work in Taipei, Rome, Moscow, Saudi Arabia, Airport levels, and prop design and creation supported across all areas of the entire production.

Aliens: Prop concept, model/uvs/texture/material setup and animation within XSI and proprietary engine environment. Also general scene support and cleanup duties for various game levels, participation in special Predictable Area Creation unit.

Neversoft Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA 2005-2006
Level artist for "Tony Hawk's Project 8" (2006)
and "Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland" (2005)

--detail: Tony Hawk's Project 8: participation in design meetings for early game pitching (level proposals, special features, etc). Level Art duties and overall scene artist for various levels (school interior, auto factory, downtown streets and sidewalks) and responsible for periphery Level of Detail versions of Suburban and Downtown areas among others. Early design and concept lead/construction for "arcade minigame" featurettes. Primary general scene duties included modeling, UV mapping, texturing, vertex lighting design and implementation, and design and layout aid as well as managing merging of various artist's sublevels. Managed junior artists to help creae and implement some of the uprezzed assets (most of which were designed and created by myself).

Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland: In charge of look development & art implementation, uprezzing, massive scene modification/completion and cleanup, and design aid for most Classic Levels (Casino, Minneapolis, Mall, Santa Cruz, Kyoto, Chicago) as well as segment art production and design aid for Downtown Los Angeles level (all periphery and about 1/4 of playable areas in the level). Primary general scene duties included modeling, UV mapping, texturing, vertex lighting design and implementation as well as design and layout aid. Additional duties included rigorous product testing and UI uprezz support.

Legacy Interactive, Los Angeles, CA 2004
Texture painter and modeler for “ER – The Game

--detail: general level texture art creation and support (environment and props) across all levels of the game: hospital interiors and exteriors, bowling alley, alleyway, construction areas, provided prop modeling and UV mapping support in some instances as well.

Rhythm + Hues Studios, Los Angeles, CA 2004
Texture painter for film and commercial.
Painted environment and vehicle textures for Vin Diesel movie "Chronicles of Riddick," painted textures for "Skippy Snack Bar" TV spot.

--detail: Chronicles of Riddick: painted texturemaps for "Toomb's Merc Ship" vehicle and environment textures and set extensions for several shots in "ice planet/fingerprint terrain" segment in the film. Created ice and ground textures, as well as all cave interior textures, maps, and alpha reveals.
Skippy Snack Bar: Support texture work for elephant characters and costumes.

Left Field Productions/Activision, Westlake Village, CA 2002-2004
Level Artist for console title “MTX Mototrax” motocross racing game.

--detail: in charge of all environment art concept, production and implementation for Devil's Gate and Budd's Creek levels, and support for Xgames and Puma levels. Primary general scene duties included modeling, UV mapping, texturing, vertex lighting design and implementation as well as design and layout aid. Additional duties included rigorous product testing.

Dragonlight Productions/Kemco, Tarzana, CA 2001
Designed, built, textured and vertex-lit a warehouse environment for "Batman : Dark Tomorrow" console title.

New World Computing/3DO, Agoura Hills, CA 2000-2001
Artist 2 position. Duties included 2D conceptual design, 3D graphic modeling/texturing/animation for sprite-based RPG title "Heroes of Might and Magic IV."

--detail: created 2D concepts and final 3D art (and animated effects) for various structures in the game including some characters and UI elements.

Impressions Games/Sierra Online, Cambridge, MA 1997-2000
Created 2D and 3D graphics for several released AAA titles, including "Lords of Magic," "Caesar 3" and "Pharaoh," as well as unreleased projects. Primary duties included character design, 3D construction (characters and objects), texturing and animation, both in low-polygon and hi-resolution environments.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 1997
Major: Computer Graphics and Animation
Minor: Art History